Hive Mind – Some PostHuman Lyrics

The lyrics for the song are now finished and the structure is pretty much agreed. Just a case of more rehearsal and getting things tight now. 4 more songs and we have a short set and can start looking for gigs. Hopefully by the end of the summer.


It is a pattern through the years

Of Iteration and 



baboon hearted 

children dream

of growing ears on their back


the world is over

another world is here

so surrender and be rendered


while our leaders

conjure light

we grow disturbed 

with their words



The hive mind

is universal

we communicate

with the commercial 


Reveal yourself

Become culpable

Reveal your self

As multiple



I am a creation

Of infinity

A product of databanks


no more salvation

through affinity

as I am built genders collapse


the line between me

and the machine

seem soluble and oh so slack


all that is natural

melts into the air

we spit, curse, transmit and disperse