Weekly Synthesis 7 – Feeling and Emotions

(a guilty pleasure, Travis Barker is classy drummer)

Or maybe this…

Anyway. I spent a lot of the week leaving comments on other people’s artefacts. Everyone else’s comments tended to be very positive and friendly whilst my habit is to drill straight into questions and critiquing.  I often have to remember to go back to the top when I write a comment to put some praise in it.  I tend to neglect the emotional considerations of commenting on others’ work.

I’ve had feelings of bemusement when trying to think of how to add variety to my lifestream as specified here. I eventually had a great feeling of satisfaction when I figured out what I was going to do. I’ve copied over a few emails into the stream and added the RSS feeds from some Ed-Tech blogs I thought looked good (this actually inspired this week’s theme).

As the RSS feeds rely on those blogs being updated I decided to press on with using different apps for making notes on the next block’s reading. I was inspired by Myles Thies artefact to use padlet and this resulted in two posts here and here.

I also finished off the lyrics for my band’s song. I feel pretty proud of them. Arguably they are not very “personal” or “emotional” but as a drummer I’ve often argued against the emotional centre of the song being solely located in the text/lyrics. Instead it is created through practice, the interactions between all the musicians.

4 thoughts on “Weekly Synthesis 7 – Feeling and Emotions”

  1. Great to see lots of comments on other blogs this week Daniel, and some interesting ways to reflect on the week here.

    ‘I tend to neglect the emotional considerations of commenting on others’ work.’

    Perhaps this is one way to think about the different dynamics and particularities through which communities form and maintain themselves. Thinking again about Kozinets and group roles, one could also consider the different functions that people might have within a group. There is always place for constructive criticism!

    It might be productive to think further about how emotion is conveyed and interpreted in online community. Thinking about your comments on song writing, perhaps it isn’t always in the text. I think there has been a tendency to centre discussion in the idea of online community, especially in education, but this seems to be quite a narrow way of thinking about emotional work.

    Good to see you experimenting with some more ways of generating feeds – you might not stick with everything, but experimenting is a good thing. As for the RSS feeds, this is a nice way to document what blogs you are reading – remember to add your own comments or thoughts where appropriate though.

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