Weekly Synthesis 9 – Togetherness

Lots of togetherness this week. Obviously there was the tweetorial, which brought a lot of the EDC students together to talk about saddles and cheese. Judging by the archives/analytics my ineptitude with twitter may prevent may stop my contribution being reflected accurately. I thought tweeting to the hashtag was enough for a reply rather than tweeting @ every person in the conversation.  Oh well.

Oh well is also my ultimate response to my attempt to write my notes together with 2 classmates this week. It was still worth the effort on my part even if we didn’t have time to carry out everything I planned.

My RSS feed has thrown up a post on federated content for videohosting, bringing people together to be part of the distribution network rather than leaving it to corporate behemoths to make the platform.  Another feed had a remarkably apt article on the battle over LA adoption in schools in New York. Siemens would probably explain this as a failure in organizational capacity, specifically to a failure to build consensus amongst educational stakeholders.

Returning back to twitter, my understanding of the platform is coming together now. People follow you out of politeness if you send them a nice tweet (generally). This means that my tweets are slightly more likely to end up in their feed, but I shouldn’t worry that they are going to see everything that I tweet as the feed changes all the time. At least that’s how I hope it works as I now being followed by @rhiaro  and @BenPatrickWill   both of whom do very proper EDC work. So hopefully I don’t have to make every tweet profound and scholarly.