Weekly Synthesis – alGOGOrhythms and tangents

Any excuse to post this:

I got married to this song.

Another sort of al-gogo-rhythm:

This is my current drum teacher and this is the video (combined with a gumtree ad) that made me choose him over any other teacher in Edinburgh.

All very abstract and tangential which, along with algorithms, has been the theme this week:

I made a spotify playlist using and inspired by algorithms. I also made some abstract notes on the set reading. I got lead off on a tangent by other posts on the code acts blog. I did my tweetorial analysis and took part in the google hangout.

I was active on Twitter, which was useful as a classmate was able to sort the TAGS analysis when I couldn’t. This meant I could do a wee bit more tweetorial analysis.

My RSS feeds threw up some more tangents. This post can relate back to the approach we are being asked to take with algorithms, namely being curious about how they work, not necessarily refuting all their findings but always looking to question their workings.  It is very easy to argue that algorithmic culture is the current source of the “post-truth crisis” Hapgood is trying to inoculate his students against. He also talks about how worthwhile it is to get students to teach in order for them to realise how little they know. By co-incidence this really resonated with me as I am currently preparing to teach my first drum student. I’ve really had to revise my stick gripping techniques.

The main conclusion I have drawn is that Mike Hapgood is bloody prolific.