As is everyone I imagine. Hot cross buns, daffodils, Easter eggs, etc. Hopefully for me watching some ice hockey tonight. Notts panthers are rolling into reekie to face off against Edinburgh capitals. Have it! — what i learnt from EDC (@dabjacksonyang) March 25, 2018 {LinkToTweet}

LP Metta drums are designed to be used in musical as well as therapeutic settings & produce peaceful, soothing drone sounds from its nine tongues tuned to a Tanpura scale for its meditative properties. ☮️ #lppercussion #wearerhythm — Latin Percussion (@LPPercussion) March 24, 2018 {LinkToTweet}

Also he is actually called Dante which in itself is both funny and odd. I didn’t come to uni to have the whole ‘what do your parents do’ conversation but when they are naming their children after classic authors it ends up being inevitable. Presumably what his parents wanted then — what i learnt from EDC (@dabjacksonyang) March 24, 2018 {LinkToTweet}

@ArtStationHQ alright Steve, how’s Bangalore, heather and the little one? Got a singer/drummer/film maker type lady called Steph ward coming to your ends for a while. Any chance you can hook her up with fun people and interesting things to do? Ta dan j-y x — what i learnt from EDC (@dabjacksonyang) March 24, 2018 {LinkToTweet}

I have no particular opinion about lecturer pensions, much to the Mrs annoyance, but some lecturers can’t follow basic admin instructions. So you’ll forgive me For sitting on the fence on this one. I mean I ain’t got no pension. So it goes. — what i learnt from EDC (@dabjacksonyang) March 24, 2018 {LinkToTweet}