I am all over twitter and youtube like a bad rash…

Because I can’t keep my opinions to myself when people say or do idiotic things. Myself included. I also need to find a bit more work as a drummer. So please like and follow….

(drum roll)



I’ve also got a youtube channel as many hip young drummers are doing the youtube these days to show off their mad chops. I have no mad chops. Only mildly depressing post-30s jowls.


You may still want to look at them here!

More woooooooooooooooooooooooo!

I tried to engage with reddit but I was called an arsehole too much for me to find it useful. I will probably just go back to lurking there.


My mum thinks I’m special and my wife knows that I am not that much of an arsehole so that’s good enough for me.