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Comments I have made on other student’s blogs.

Comment on @Eli_App_D Here is the link, but don’t tell anyone, it is secret!!! PLEASE! by Daniel Jackson-Yang

Interestingly now that I have read one of the block 2 course readings ( I am seeing additional links to that Stewart’s paper rather than the cybercultures block.

Stewart proposed that all MOOCs had inherent potential to expose people to the digital literacies ethos. Student’s would produce knowledge in a way that was unpredictable and gradually subvert the institutional authority of the teacher. Your work does this in the sense that no one could have predicted you would create a twitter teaser trail that led to a corporate -courtesy-speak laden email that led on to a dreamy, queasy youtube clip. On top of that by choosing to make your artefact inaccessible to some you subvert the conditions of the task to your own needs thereby reducing the hierarchy between teacher and student.

from Comments for Dirk’s EDC blog

Comment on Visual Artefact – The network of humans by Daniel Jackson-Yang

In much the same way that the people pictured were augmenting their bodies your visual artefact is augmented by sound.

May I suggest an experiment just for amusement? Change the soundtrack to see the change in emotional tone. Maybe this:

from Comments for Stuart’s EDC blog

Comment on MSCEDC Visual Artefact A. Powers by Daniel Jackson-Yang

I liked the way you reduced the times between the jumps to different images and overlays. This combined well with the shots of you clicking through the browser tabs that gradually got more frantic.

Some questions:

Is the piano part played by yourself?
I am noticing that most of the EDC artefacts are mainly presenting digital cultures as unsettling and negative rather than positive. Would you say that you artefact reflects your general attitude towards digital technologies? Or is the tone an aesthetic decision decided by the artefact?

from Comments for Anne’s EDC blog

Comment on Digital artefact: Post-human classroom by Daniel Jackson-Yang

I’ve never seen thinglink before. Did you make this using the free version? Are all the pictures things you found yourself? Or do you have to use their stock photos? Did you have to make the entire image yourself first then upload it to annotate it?

from Comments for Chenée’s Education & Digital Culture blog

Comment on Tweet by Daniel Jackson-Yang

In the text/lyrics what seemed jarring to me was the idea of sending off for a book. If we were in age where you could build music making robots surely they’d just download it onto an ipad or something. I see that the lyrics are from 2000 which explains it. Interesting to see how culture develops in unexpected ways.

One of the themes here seems to be “efficiency”, the idea that we can invent tech to do the dull stuff and we can just go and “live our lives”. This means making value judgements that are made in what work should be deskilled and automated. In this artefact drum loops are implied to be an unimportant part of the music and therefore open to automation, something which as a drummer myself I would argue against.

Another thing I’ve just noticed is that all my comments are based on the text rather than the visual aspect. I always suspected I am not a very “visual” person. Oh well.

from Comments for Clare’s EDC blog

Comment on Visual Artefact #mscedc by Daniel Jackson-Yang

Ahhhhhhhh someone who has totally avoided text and sound to make a purely visual artefact.

I will be interested to see if this will elicit as many comments as the artefacts that are more…Informative? Direct? Less abstract?

It’s hard to think of the right word.

With this we get to project our own interpretations and meanings. I can see a heartbeat for humans, a chaotic circle for networks, vague letters in the background perhaps suggesting the belief that all objects are laced with information if only we can figure out a way to get it out.

from Comments for Linzi’s EDC blog