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Week 2 Synthesis

This week has been pretty tiring blog-wise. I managed to crash the whole thing whilst trying out a different theme, the front page and links were not so straightforward to set up and recategorising all those posts from when I set up the wrong IFTT feed.

I set up a header menu but ended up getting rid of it once I had the front page set up. It looked too messy and I think the categories and links on the frontpage make the blog easy enough to navigate.

I’ve gotten frustrated with the amount of time sorting the blog has taken that could be more profitably spent on the course readings and writing my own blog posts. It has all felt far too much like admin for my liking. I do enough admin my day job. It is, however, sorted enough now that I can hopefully leave the structure as it is for the rest of the course.

I enjoyed the film festival and have included a transcript in my lifestream.  I have done 4 blog posts but only the one about post-colonial cyberculture studies felt that substantial. The rest were a bit more off the cuff. I haven’t had much in the way of comments from other EDC students which is a little disappointing as it was the back and forth blog with my tutor that made IDEL so challenging and enjoyable. Hopefully now things are set out better that may change.

Goals for next week:

1.) Record a cybernetics inspired spoken word improvised music piece with my band.

2.) Flickr photoset illustrating points from the set reading as my visual artefact.

3.) Sort out the twitter IFTTT so it shows a picture of my tweet not just my face

Week 1 – Synthesis

Well I say week 1 but to be honest I did some pre-course readings and postings. I have several different tags and categories:

1.) Notes – Any course reading I do I try to make notes. During IDEL I made the vow to write my own precis of the paper at the top of my notes. By making this vow and the notes public hopefully it’ll keep me to that.

2.) Twitter – I said at the start I didn’t really like it but then I’ve been completely bombarding the course hashtag. Mainly when I’m bored, tired and want to pretend I’m doing something productive. Turns out I am as susceptible to vanity as everyone else and got a little buzz from the few likes and retweets I got.

3.) Soundcloud – One of the few digital platforms I regularly use. I’ve joined a new band recently and over the course you can hear our songs develop should you so wish. I use an MP3 recorder then share the jams with the rest of the band to inform our writing process.

4.) Blog Posts – The most vital part of the blog in my mind. I have done 2 posts inspired by the film festival (here and here), 1 from another student posting on twitter (here) and 2 from my own general reading (here and here).

I have also vowed to comment substantially on another student’s blog at least once a week.

Goal for week 2:  get the hashtag sorted for that so that these comments feed through into my lifestream. My two comments this week have gotten lost.

Also I have set up categories for my posts to help others find their way round the blog and hopefully elicit more comments, but when I click on them I just get “oops page not found”.  Need to fix this. Any ideas?