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Comment on A Mini-ethnography by Daniel Jackson-Yang

Did using sparknote shape how you presented this information at all? My impression of sparknote is that other than making appear a bit more fancy it is still entirely reliant on text to provide content. The pictures are window dressing for the reader. Perhaps you made more profound connections between the text and pictures when you were making it?

I wasn’t a fan of the massive bloodshot eyeball looking at me as I read but the actual words were vey informative.

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Comment on Visual Artefact #mscedc by Daniel Jackson-Yang

Ahhhhhhhh someone who has totally avoided text and sound to make a purely visual artefact.

I will be interested to see if this will elicit as many comments as the artefacts that are more…Informative? Direct? Less abstract?

It’s hard to think of the right word.

With this we get to project our own interpretations and meanings. I can see a heartbeat for humans, a chaotic circle for networks, vague letters in the background perhaps suggesting the belief that all objects are laced with information if only we can figure out a way to get it out.

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Comment on Film Festival – Take 2 by Daniel Jackson-Yang

“In a world where cyber culture takes us closer to AI, we need to keep boundaries.” –

What should these boundaries be? Should there be a social sanctions to enforce them or are you saying that there will be negative outcomes for crossing them?

Out of interest did you students not mention anything about fashion as driving their choice of technology? They seemed to have already learnt it is more socially acceptable to cite need as a motivation rather than desire.

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