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Comment on MOOC Ethnography – The Power of Colour (but not really) by Daniel Jackson-Yang

So yeah, as I said on twitter this is cool. The concision of your format makes me reflect on my own sprawling output for nethnography. I’ve never used one of these note taking/presentation type apps before. What considerations do you make when it comes to layout? Looking at yours I can see that the introductory information on the MOOC is at the top and then it goes more in depth as you scroll down. But then after that I imagine it gets more difficult to decide what goes where.

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Comment on Is technology enabling greater self expression making us more or less original? #mscedc #groupthink https://t.co/71Q1sJ07To by mthies


Thinking about how, in searching out ways to be expressive and different in our thinking, we still are still bounded by certain mediums of communication. As proponents of technology enabled learning are we perpetuating a practice of exclusivity of thinking by using only the digital?

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