Open all days including holidays

Open all days including holidays

I do not hide online.

I use my real name on Facebook. I use my real name when commenting on articles in The Guardian or other media. I use my real name for my Youtube channel, and my Twitter account. I use my real name playing Fifa online. I do all this intentionally.

So the fact that this livestream blog is public is not a new concept to me.

We can adopt new personas online, choose avatars, new names and personalities. I refuse to do this. I do not play. I do not play roles or characters. What you see is what you get, or as this medium would say: WYSIWYG.

I mean what I say, I mean what I write. I hold myself accountable to my actions.

I refuse to enter the echo chambers of closed online communities. How could I learn from others, how could others learn from me, if I was hiding? We learn from contact with others. I want to learn.

I know that people hide to feel save. I know the internet can hurt you, because people can and will hurt you. But if I hide so I won’t get hurt, they win. I am not going to play their game. You do not like me? You want to hurt me? Harm me? Bring it on. But I will not hide or run away, because this would mean running away from myself. You will not make me do this.

Do I not have privacy issues? Of course I do. But there is no privacy on the internet. British and American agencies will read and hear and watch everything I do anyway. Not because I am special. But because that is what they do.

So here as everywhere: This is me.

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