Quick thoughts on the intro to week 2

Quick thoughts on the intro to week 2

A lot of the aspects of the video make a lot of sense enven f they appear not to. Wether intentionally or not, this is what makes a good video.

Nice “wow” effect. Where are they? A theater? Makes total sense, as it is about film fest etc. And an old cinema is a pretty counterpoint to new digi tech.

Two guys sitting next to each other:
Nice familiar setting. Looks welcoming. The guys seem to have a good time, which helps the viewer to have one too.

The two looking down, which suggests authority. Makes sense.
The viewer “sitting with their back to the screen”, good, we have two guys, what are you seeing? Makes us think automatically.

Sound and pic quality
Good. Effect on pic? Would make sense.

Starts with noticeable film excerp. Intersting, slightly confusing, what are they on about? Nice.

Pick up of the film, nice story arch. So a story inside the story. Stories are good for learning. Plus both guys kinda act, which is fun to watch, as it comes with a wink of an eye.
Plus it is Westworld, which makes sense. Especially using the original film, now that the new TV series is so popular.

Refernce to Westworld. Next time try do not show the source, leave it for the viewer to find out. Thus you create sort of a hard core fanbase, an in-crowd, those who know, who feel special because they do and will develop a greater connection to the film and upcoming films.

Two hosts
But why? Experts on different fields? One is funny the other not? Or why? I know why, yet it would make more sense two define characters, so they are distinguishable. Makes recognition and hence learning easier.

Both are authentic, which is key to learning and warching.

One thought on “Quick thoughts on the intro to week 2

  1. Hello Dirk, thanks for your thoughts on the video – if we had imagined it would be critiqued in such a detailed way we might have done it differently 😉

    That said, although it was quite an impromptu exercise, it did reflect some particular intentions we had in mind. We wanted to emphasise how the EDC course provides a great opportunity to be simultaneously playful and scholarly. At the same time the video shows that, although we’re using a blog format which tends to privilege words on screen, there’s still space for using video or other forms (as you have already been adeptly doing!). We also felt that, while we could have conveyed the same factual information purely through language, we wanted to show our faces/ourselves – we felt perhaps there was something more personal in that. Finally, while we would have preferred to have put something more polished together (we literally had five minutes to record it while the theatre hands went about other business) I hope the video also shows that other members of the group needn’t be discouraged from experimenting through concerns about their work not looking too polished.

    And I take your point about the way that naming the film spoiled things a bit. I agree. That was simply me bowing to pressure around acknowledging sources and so on.

    Thanks for your feedback all the same, Dirk!

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