Week Review 6

Week Review 6

Data Analysis vs Facebook age estimate

Online communities, especially commercial ones, can be characterized by their inherent data collection and the commercial use of this data. I looked at my data at two different sites, on my EDC homepage and on Facebook, where I used one of those FB games which try to find out something about yourself. The one I chose to use, chose to play with wanted to guess my age and gender by nowing my answers to a few questions. The game failed miserably, which was a relief to me.
I also looked at my EDC homepage and analyzed the data. The funny thing here: I provided the data and it was also me who analyzed it. If you have a film camera fiking the pictur it is filming, e.g. a TV screen on which the live footage is shown and then filmed by the same camera, you create a visual feedback loop – a very very distorted picture. Maybe my own analyzis is just as bad as the one on FB.

Ethnography Video plus Twitter discussion

I tried producing a netnography, but the MOOC I had chosen did not make this possible it seemed, so I turned the possible failure into a piece of learning for me and others. There is still a lot to be researched and studied when it comes to using video in education and I am surprised just how little is obviously done at an academic level. Well, I am getting there – from day one on this programme and for as long as I may.

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