Week Review 9

Week Review 9

My week on my blog


1) My ongoing Instagram project researching hashtag algorithms, self image, identity et al.

2) Contacting Dawn Smith on Twitter, inquiring about her work.

3) Retweeting James Lamb‘s tweet about my podcast. He linked to my private Twitter account. Problems of multiple online identities.




4) Tweeted about The Who. I am thinking about youth, work, Las Vegas, addiction to fame, music.

5) Corrupt Blog integration of a post I made on Facebook regarding Theresa May and Nicola Sturgeon. Was meant to be funny.

6) IFTTT integrated Facebook post on me and my kids joining a pro Europe demonstration does not work. On review IFTTT integration is both a blessing and a curse. Thoughts about algorithms.

7) Updated my Facebook cover pic. It is a cake now. Am I being cynical?

8) Instagram project continued.

9) Replied to Daniel Jackson on Twitter on cooperating on course work.

10) Saved an article on the relation between money and happiness to Pocket. Part of an ongoing project of mine on “The Good Life and How To Live It”.




11) Tweeting about an article on neurosciences and mental diseases with me making a comment that there is no metaphyscial or spiritual.

12) Saving an article on the Miligram experiment to Pocket. Thinking about the nature of humankind – not so “kind” actually.

13) Added a tune to my Spotify playlist.

Reached my wordcount without even covering three days of seven. As my data analysis already sugested: I am pretty busy online, mostly work-related, but this blog only shows a fraction. Adding metadata to all posts would be insane. IFTTT integration is a mess and onlinine limtations only convey fractions of all I am actually doing and thinking.

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One thought on “Week Review 9

  1. Hello Dirk, thanks for your summary here. And as I’ve been saying to everyone, thanks for your contribution to the Twitter tutorial last Thursday and Friday. There are limitations and challenges of the Twitter format, however I nevertheless found the quality and volume of discussion captivating therefore thanks for your input to that.

    I’m not quite sure how to respond to your lifestream summary as it links to content that doesn’t appear in your ‘Recommended posts’, which we agreed is what I would regard as your submission for the lifestream exercise. Which isn’t to say that I haven’t enjoyed following the links all the same.

    ‘Adding metadata to all posts would be insane. IFTTT integration is a mess and onlinine limtations only convey fractions of all I am actually doing and thinking.’

    I know you have already taken the position that you don’t want to include the likes of Twitter conversation or blog comments as part of this exercise so I won’t push you on that again, however that is the kind of content that I think works well with metadata. There wouldn’t be the need to add metadata to all of your wider online activity on the basis that this isn’t content that you are presenting for me to look at (and of course, it isn’t all concerned with the course themes).

    Looking forward, the google hangouts this week provide an opportunity to reflect on the experience of the Tweetorial and your thoughts around the themes we have covered during the algorithmic cultures block. At the same time, we will be setting aside some time to talk in general terms about the digital essay assignment therefore do bring along any questions you have. You also mentioned that you would be posting some form of assignment proposal to Jeremy: Jeremy and I will be getting together at the beginning of next week to talk through different assignments proposals so we’ll get back to you as soon as possible after that.

    Other than that, later this week I’ll look forward to reading your thoughts on learning analytics from the Tweetorial exercise.

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