Blog Summary

Blog Summary

What did blog and course help me learn?

1. Learnings about myself

I am much more communicative than I thought. Over 500 posts in 11 weeks, thats a lot of communication. Here is one natural asset of digital education and culture: it offers a way of expression and participation and connection for the quiet folk, for the introverted.

What I want to learn: What are the specific benefits and limitations of specific types of communication?

2. Humanisms

I have a strong emotional and philosophical desire to develop what I believe to be the right modern interpretation of Humanism. Post- and Transhumanism will ultimately harm the human, it will be harm inflicted on the human by the human, freely. Let’s work on the philosophical ideas to stop this.

What I want to learn: The history of Humanism, its different interpretations and my own one.

3. Algorithms and Tech

Love/Hate, here and here, like in music modern instruments and recording techniques demand great technical knowhow, same is true with algorithms. Understanding and using them needs at least basic knowledge. I love messing around with Excel spreadsheets, but at the same time I feel more at home in a free philosophical creative world. Tech- knowledge is also needed for blogging, ifttt etc., all of which I find exciting but also pretty energy consuming.

What I want to learn: Keep discovering new technologies, softwares, applications and improving my skills with those I already know.

4. Algorithms and the Human

Predictability of humankind is generally possible and merely a question of better algorithms and processor power. There is no Metaphysical, no free will, no soul. All can be broken down to synapses, streams of electricity, physical realities. The question here is fundamental: What does this mean? What does this make us? What is the meaning of life? (P.S. I know.)

What I  want to learn: I want to learn more about the biology of thinking, the neuroscience and psychology behind it, how it connects to our physical bodies and how all this translates into digitality.

5. Identities

Tied to the issues of Humanisms and because of my own biography, I want to connect the online to the offline, because it is ultimately the same. The notion of users, viewers, voters, consumers, we are always the same person, no matter how others label us.

What I want to learn: How can we teach the individual to always be true to themself and how can we teach society to accept this?

6. Multmodality

I explore multimodality, trying to ground them in solid science.

Music video remix, podcast, comic animation, graphics, animated shortfilm et al.

Combining the playful creativeness with thorough research should, I am convinced, not only enable better research, as we look at the same old questions from brand new angles. It might also make the often dry and heavy thinking relatable, enjoyable and loveable. Extending the toolbox of digital esucation, that’s what it is about, playfully enthusiastically passionately exploring, with an open mind and no fixed goal.

What I want to learn: Which should be used when and how and how can I make a science out of and with creative multimodality?

7. All you good good people

I got to know great people, smart, friendly, helpful, learned to know them, like them and benefited intellectually and personally from them.

What I want to learn: More with them and from them.

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