Open – I feel vulnerable

screenshots of my digital footprint

Currently battling with my own perception of my personal cyber culture. With the #MSCEDC course being pretty much conducted publicly for all and sundry, I’m questioning why I feel uncomfortable about it. After all, I blog, publicly A LOT, at last count I have 8 blogs, I have a youtube channel which again is public, I tweet, public, and much more so what’s the issue? I can only ascertain it’s about control or the level of control. ┬áMy digital footprint is massive, google me (that sounds like a teenage put down) and you’ll find pictures, blog posts etc. but in all of that I control what is and isn’t public, who can and can’t access things and how they are displayed. I carefully construct what I say and how I interact on these platforms to present the public face I want people to see. With the course blog, I feel I have very little control, it’s all public but I can’t decide not to post because I have to use it for the purpose of the course so all my thoughts, my personal development, my mistakes are there, laid bare.


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  1. Eli, I agree on so many levels. I do not blog but I am confident in my personal digital footprint that it is public. I feel that we all have a version of ourselves online that is not precise but how we want to be perceived. We control what is published and eliminate any vulnerability that we do not wish to expose. To publish our insecurities and learning journey is unfamiliar territory.

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