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I posted this because this week information and false information has been a big deal. No one can escape the news stories about the new president at the moment, so we’ve all seen the stories about the “alternative facts” his team are providing or from the other perspective the “false news” that is being given.

Since we are supposedly in the information age where information is currency, the control of information is highly important. It is easier than ever to find information however it is also easier to spread false information. During world war 2, the British Government set up an entire government department dedicated to spreading the right messages so that it’s citizens behaved and believed appropriately.  Today all it takes is social media.

Take these two photos.
Trump inauguration 2017 photo from BBC website

This is the photo which started it all, posted online and shown by news outlets.

This photo was posted in response to the news stories claiming that the inauguration of President Trump wasn’t well attended.
Trump inauguration 2017 posted by American News outlet CNN

I wasn’t there, so how do I know which one is true? The BBC is a trusted new provider so do I just assume because they ran with the story that it is fact?