6 Replies to “Pinned to #MSCDE on Pinterest – Week 1 artefact”

  1. Eli, the dark-light motif works well, highlighting contrasts. Also, it raises questions of shade, and overlap. Thought-provoking, thank you!

  2. Thanks for this, Eli! This was a super clever way of conceptualising the affective progress we’ve made, while also being a comment on how hard it is to break away from an ethnocentric perspective.

    I also liked your use of the word ‘promise’; there’s something in the promise vs the reality which is so interesting. Thanks!

  3. Nice work, Eli! I like how you have contrasted the good and bad with positives and negatives. In my opinion we too often consider only one side of either.

  4. Super artefact Eli! Picking up on the theme of ‘binaries’ or ‘dualisms’ was a great way to comment on the cybercultures block, and to signal the difficulty of moving away from those kind of representations, particularly when we’re looking at scifi, and also importantly when we’re considering technology.

    You gathered a really interesting set of images that provided good contrast. I also really liked the text boxes, which reminded me of the ‘parental advisory’ stickers that you used to see on albums (don’t know if they still have these). Seemed to reflect a kind of warning in the way the text was presented.

  5. Thanks Jeremy.
    Binary was the big take out for me on “cultures” mostly of fear versus mainstream. Fear tended to be focussed on “what if” and very much on technology that we are not quite there with yet, and somehow completely ignored the where we actually are and what use we make of technology. I found that really interesting.

    I hoped using the binary background helped to emphasise that to people.

    Also, spot on with the parental advisory sticker 🙂 good eye! Again, fear or caution.

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