Tweet! Chatting with Myles

I sometimes forget that we don’t all work in a higher education institute and sometimes the actions and behaviours I experience as normal every day seem very different to those outside the H.E. circuit.

I feel that learning analytics is one of those very things, but the shoe is on the other foot. As a learning consultant for a non education¬†establishment, my entire job was based around being able to provide data to prove the value of the training we offered. If we couldn’t prove with analytics, that the training was making a positive impact on the business then it wasn’t deemed important enough to have. ¬†There was no place for personal development or learning that didn’t directly feed into the bottom line.

I sometimes wonder now as I progress through the different courses in the MSc, how my classmates from different backgrounds and even other H.E. institutions take onboard our learning, how it relates to their work place and if they are on the same journal as me or if they are indeed taking a very different perspective on the things we learn.

I guess it’s a fantastic way to introduce the idea of interpretation to this weeks workload. We all start with the same raw data, how we interpret it will then factor into how we will use it. Something which I am sure will come up frequently as we continue our fun with algorithms and learning analytics this week.

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