Tweet! Algorithms and bots are active

Ok I’m going to explain the cheese thing which happened during the tweetorial. it seemed crazy to some of our class, but I assure you it was a genuine testing of algorithms.

During the tweetorial, there was a question raised about the amount of new followers some of us seem to have collected especially since the algorithm block of the course. This led to an experiment to find out what was catching the attention of whatever bot or algorithm which was deciding that these random people would be interested in our tweets. Hence Nigel’s play with hashtags and keyword son cheese. I had done the same on roller skates, but since I was working during the tweetorial I only managed a couple of tweets on this, so poor Nigel took the brunt for the weirdness.

I didn’t get any new followers interested in roller skates 🙁  but it was really interesting to try to reverse engineer the algorithm.


2 Replies to “Tweet! Algorithms and bots are active”

  1. Still no cheese followers Eli but I’ve since experienced just how quick some of these algorithms can be, either that or there are some very responsive social media managers out there. I linked a green screen set up I use at work to share with Colin and within a matter of seconds the tweet had been liked by the company I bought it from. The didn’t follow me though…perhaps they don’t like cheese 😉

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