Weekly round up – Week 10 already

With no set readings this week, it has been a thinking week, a week to go through our tweetorial with a fine-toothed comb and try to relate our learnings on algorithms and learning analytics to a real world scenario,  chat to classmates about their experiences of our learning and its relation to their world and even the opportunity to consider how being a part of the MSCDE has become an important part of who I am.

As you can imagine, twitter is still very prominent this week as we chat about the tweetorial and its outcomes but the relevance fairy has also been delivering the perfect reading material this week letting me think about learning analytics in relation to my job and analytics in both the big powerhouses like Nasa and in our schools.

I’ve even found inspiration in some of my own photography this week as I think about digital education as a big picture and see the opportunities it creates for those who want the chance to set their own path as educators.

I’m looking forward to the next two weeks where I can really get my teeth stuck into some extracurricular reading and start thinking about the direction I’d like to take for my final assignment, do I want to push myself to develop my knowledge in an area where I feel my knowledge is weak or is there a particular area which I am interested in and would like to explore further, and that’s before I consider exactly how I will present this.