Tweet! Feminist perspective on sci-fi fiction

Interesting article about the feminist perspective of sci-fi fiction shared by a colleague from New College which reminded me of Harraway’s (2007) approach to highlighting the need for a feminist perspective to a field which is dominated by research and writing by men.

Harraway (2007) took a really interesting approach to using the cyborg as a metaphor for bridging gaps and ignoring boundaries, not male or female but evolved and with reduced biology allowing the possibility of eliminating male versus female. This is quite different from other feminist perspectives which accentuate the need for a balance of male and female views in research and academic writing as either will see things differently and be influenced by society differently. The perspective of a woman on sci-fi versus a man’s view on sci-fi was the main idea behind this article.


Hawaray, D. (2007) ‘A cyborg manifesto: Science, technology and social feminist in the late twentieth century’, BELL, D; KENNEDY, B (eds). The Cybercultures reader. London: Routledge, pp. 34-65.