my frustration at the lifestream blog ideas and my inability to force it to fit a mould I want it to be in.  Image from © 2017 Pixabay https://pixabay.com/p-1583655/?no_redirect


I’m finding the weekly roundups annoying and I wonder if I’m maybe not doing this correctly. I’ve been pretty much writing a step by step “did this”, but I feel that doing that with 250 words doesn’t leave any space for thought or reflection on things and it irks me.

I feel like I want to reflect, talk, discuss more but the lifestream idea kind of gets in the way. Week 6 for me will be about trying to stretch this blog to give me more space to collect my thoughts on readings, themes and the course.

How do I have a blog (as in the standard definition of a blog with blog posts), but that is also a lifestream (as in randomly generated online clutter that wasn’t intended to be collated to represent anything) that represents my online identity as a member of this course?

Something to ponder.