Tweet! Cyberpunk

Just a bit of fun this week as I was testing out google glass or google glasses as they are commonly called for the design informatics department.

It’s common in sci-fi to have cyborgs have some sort of enhanced vision and I thought the google glass was definitely a precursor to that.

My thoughts last week on using virtual reality for classes or rather reliving classes is what made me consider google glass and their potential use as a learning aid. Unfortunately, though, they proved to be all hype and not much substance, so I won’t be adding them to my teaching toolkit just yet.














Dirk’s take on my cyberpunk attempt


definition of homo faber given by wikipedia





Is the only difference that humans can control their environment, apes can’t?

This, in turn, led me to think about the new movie versions of “planet of the apes” and I do genuinely wonder, if apes could communicate across their species and mobilise, would they compete against the human race if the situation arose? Give an ape a gun and let them see a human use it, I bet they’d use it to become dominant in their tribe/group. So how different from humans are they really and what is special about humans, or were we just lucky that we progressed onto technology first?



TWEET! – Film Festival

During the film festival we all commented on how there is always a corporation behind any “future tech” and I wondered, do we consider Mark Zuckerberg and facebook as matching this corporation image of do we not see him as sinister enough?

Posting for the sake of posting – is it worthwhile

This random thought came about as we were playing with IFTTT to get our blogs running, I noticed the stream of tweets which merely shared something relating to technology and wondered if we were all falling into a trap of just posting to twitter so that it was shared, but without any real reason or in-depth thought about what we were sharing?  This is pertinent to me as I blog and vlog and to me, it’s important to give thought to the content you share, have a purpose that the content aims to achieve rather than just a constant stream of randomness which could be perceived as digital muttering.

TWEET! – is a digital culture changing us for the better

I have to ask, is this a good thing? Is a digital culture changing our behaviour for the better or worse?

This urge to photograph and film so many things which we would never have before, all for the sake of sharing. Is it a good thing or are we too busy recording things to “live” them and missing the moment?


TWEET! – posting in lifestream

The idea of the lifestream blog is troubling me a little. It feels like we are posting for the sake of posting rather than because we have something genuine to share. It goes against my digital footprint ethos.