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Ethics and learning analytics: a short reading list

Lawson, C., Beer, C., Rossi, D., Moore, T., & Fleming, J. (2016). Identification of ‘at risk’ students using learning analytics: the ethical dilemmas of intervention strategies in a higher education institution. Educational Technology Research and Development, 64(5), 957–968. http://ift.tt/2mZMJdo
Roberts, L. D., Howell, J. A., Seaman, K., & Gibson, D. C. (2016). Student Attitudes toward Learning Analytics in Higher Education: ‘The Fitbit Version of the Learning World’. Frontiers in Psychology, 7. http://ift.tt/2mG8Z9H
Rubel, A., & Jones, K. M. L. (2016). Student privacy in learning analytics: An information ethics perspective. The Information Society, 32(2), 143–159. http://ift.tt/2mZPL1n
Scholes, V. (2016). The ethics of using learning analytics to categorize students on risk. Educational Technology Research and Development, 64(5), 939–955. http://ift.tt/2mGk1f5
Sclater, N., Peasgood, A., & Mullan, J. (n.d.). Learning analytics in higher education. Retrieved 17 March 2017, from http://ift.tt/1SDGa6m
Siemens, G. (2013). Learning Analytics: The Emergence of a Discipline. American Behavioral Scientist, 57(10), 1380–1400. http://ift.tt/2mG1M9x
West, D., Huijser, H., & Heath, D. (2016). Putting an ethical lens on learning analytics. Educational Technology Research and Development, 64(5), 903–922. http://ift.tt/2n00rgv

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  1. You might also like the following, shared by Renée’s this week:

    Wintrup, J. 2017. Higher Education’s Panopticon? Learning Analytics, Ethics and Student Engagement. High Educ Policy, 30: 87. doi:10.1057/s41307-016-0030-8

    Looks quite good!

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