Comment on My micro netnography by hwalker

Comment on My micro netnography by hwalker

Eli, what a brilliant use of Spark: I really like how we ‘zoom in’ as we progress through your write up. As Helen has commented, (, comparing your RL experience with your xMOOC one is a great idea.

Your findings suggest that the peer review process in the xMOOC is superficial, offering a gesture towards community interaction and support without having the structures (such as a guiding teacher presence) to deliver meaningful and helpful outcomes.

This MOOC adoption of an offline practice (which you demonstrate works at a small scale) into the online delivery of a massive course, without consideration as to whether it is appropriate, reminded me of Tony Bates’ warning which is cited at the end of Baggaley’s article: ‘It was as if 45 years of work was for nothing. All the research and study I and many others had done on what makes for successful learning online were totally ignored, with truly disastrous consequences in terms of effective learning for the vast majority of participants who took MOOCs from the Ivy League universities.’

Thanks for sharing your experiences in such a clear and engaging way Eli.

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