Comment on A Micro-Ethnography? by hwalker

Comment on A Micro-Ethnography? by hwalker

Dirk, you’re a natural in front of the camera! And I loved the post-Brexit Playmobil piece ‘There are other people coming to our island’/’Oh my god!’ (like you, I hadn’t heard of Malinowski’s work, but I’ll now seek it out.)

It’s a great idea to look at an ‘old’ MOOC to see what’s happening there. I really liked your deconstruction of the ‘Welcome’ message: ‘You must be kidding, you don’t care.’ And the hugging of the post on the post: brilliant. As you engagingly explain, these misguided gestures by ‘the staff’ to create a community are ineffective and demonstrate a lack of creative thought about how communities build online.

This video is brilliantly produced too: as an aside, what microphone/software were you using?

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