Lifestream summary: week 11

Lifestream summary: week 11

This week has been spent thinking about, and starting to collate content for, the final assignment*. At the start of the week, I was unsure about both its form and its content. However, following a very useful email exchange with James, the former is now more defined. I’ve decided to create a photo diary of a typical day (or part of a typical day) which highlights and reflects upon the various digital and technological entanglements which are part of my experiences. Thinking about form is proving more tricky due to a (perhaps unfair) PowerPoint aversion, but I‘m getting there.

I’ve also spent some time reviewing this lifestream blog in preparation for writing the final entry next week. It’s interesting to observe the development of voice and form as it progresses. What becomes apparent as I assess the lifestream content is that we have become a learning community which uses Twitter extensively, more so (as James highlighted in last week’s hangout) than previous cohorts. It’s interesting to consider why this medium appeals; it is more ‘natural and immediate’ than commenting on others’ blogs and feels more akin to the sort of conversation we might have f2f. The reading and commenting on others’ blogs, however, offers the space and time for more considered and critical reflection. All interesting things to note as I think about how I can apply some of the techniques and approaches from the course in my own professional practice.

*as well as starting to move house…**

**…which in itself has brought with it a raft of reflections on the algorithmic results which have resulted from the connected online activity…


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