A better connection….

A better connection….

While watching a lecture posted by one of my peers a discussion with my 10 year old on connection and technology helped me understand the perception of an inquisitive child. She is always looking over my shoulder while I’m working from home and asking questions on how certain things work. She has always had her own access to technology and looks forward to her scheduled technology times in school and at home. Whilst sitting beside me on her iPad she couldn’t help but drop comments. It took me what felt like forever to watch the 52 minute lecture!!! At one point she informed me that she DOES plays in the playground with all the other children as they don’t have phones and that the image used looked more like adults sitting around the tree glued to their phones! I couldn’t help but laugh to which she said “You are just as bad mummy, I like us face to face when your phone runs out of battery…”

Awkward pause as guilt starts to wash over me..

“BUT I also like FaceTiming you when you are working away from home, so I do understand the connection through technology”.


Oh, dear! I feel that I should maybe put the phone down, give myself allocated technology time and increase communication face to face for a better connection.

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