Week 2 Summary

Week 2 Summary

I can honestly say that I began and ended week two with more enthusiasm. I enjoyed conversation between peers both on Twitter, Facebook and tutor led discussion via the Film Festival. I even managed to figure out how to converse with my peers through their blog posts and record my comments onto my own blog! Well, I say figured out but I have to admit that my peers were a huge support this week in regards to setting IFTTT. I found myself frustrated on the second day as hours were wasted trying to crack what seemed like an impossible code. I even logged myself out of my blog and due to a¬†change in password my IFTTT stopped working. I lost a full 24 hours of IFTTT updates. I felt inapt and silence was making it worse. It was not until I voiced my struggle that I realised I wasn’t alone. The online network felt like a community and the connection was comforting. I began to browse through blogs every second day and I felt inspired. I began to read articles on other blogs and I even purchased a few books on Education and Digital Culture. The¬†books purchased were recommended by my peers and I feel in control once more and less overwhelmed. I began to discover Pinterest and Evernote (although I’ve still to master this app) which allowed me to collect a number of articles as I explore the literature on Cyber Culture. I looked at how technology is used by people of today for both positive and negative aspects of life. I began to look at online aggression and¬†if aggression has become an issue.¬†Has technology¬†had an affect on our ethics and morals or has the aggression always ¬†been there? Has technology merely exposed human behaviour in a way that it is recorded and posted for public viewing? Does our human needs influence the technology that is created or has the technology influenced our behaviour? So many questions that I hope to reflect on for next week…..Can’t wait!

One thought on “Week 2 Summary

  1. Useful summary here Linzi!

    Glad to hear that you are more enthusiastic about your lifestream after week 2. Do try to remember that you need to reference and discuss your specific lifestream items in the summary – it should be your chance to say what you added in the previous week and why you have added it.

    The issue of aggression is really interesting. I’d encourage you to try and frame this in educational terms, perhaps looking specifically at the readings in this block and making connections with the ideas expressed there. How might the theme of ‘cyberculture’ frame issues of behaviour online, and what kind of assumptions might we carry into education?

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