Now, I enjoyed Haraway (2007) after reading it a couple of times as it wasn’t only long but hard for me to digest in one reading. I found myself skimming words and having to go back as I found my brain going in to lazy mode/meltdown. I’m not sure if it is the amount of reading that I’m doing on a whole for the course or the time of day that I find myself sitting down to papers. Colin, one of my EDC peers, thankfully posted a youTube video of Haraway on twitter and what an interesting ‘human’ she is! It makes a difference having words animated by the person. The use of body language, facial expressions, tone of voice and timing all come into play as I got a sense of her as a person and I was not only engaged but reacting to her words. The body/mind dualism helped me process the power of consciousness.


Haraway, Donna (2007) A cyborg manifesto from Bell, David; Kennedy, Barbara M (eds), The cybercultures reader pp.34-65, London: Routledge. (e-reserve, pdf)

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