Raised by Technology

Raised by Technology

At the start of my blog I shared a post regarding children and technology. Today, whilst reading Nigel Welwyn (2016) ‘Is Technology Good for Education?’ , I questioned the use of technology in the classroom and if the most appropriate systems and tools are being used within education. Although research is evolving we still don’t know the implications of our children being raised by technology. Will they have a fragmented connection with the world or will they have a lack of empathy and physical connection with others? Over the years there has been discussion regarding the increased interaction with technology and if the exposure will change the way children think and focus.

The article ‘Determining the Effects of Technology on children‘ by Hatch (2011) discussed the positive and negative sides to technology in and out of the classroom. However, I still wonder the implications of a world where technology is unavoidable and how social relationships and connections between human and nature could be jeopardised if the exposure is not monitored.



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