Take 4

Take 4


This week I have found myself reading and reading and reading. I feel that although into week four, I need to grasp the readings to ensure valid and compelling content within my daily activity and blog posts. The only thing for me is that it isn’t enough to just read; I need to discuss. I travel all over Scotland for work and spend a vast amount of my week in my second ‘office’ which is my car. I call, FaceTime, record discussions with myself over course topics on my phone and I set reminders. Time and place are not a restriction with today’s technology. However, I have missed the contact with peers on this course. The implementation of Twitter, Together Tube, Google Hangout, Facebook and blog comments has helped the discussions, but another level of connection was lacking for me to digest the material thoroughly. When I reflect on week one and two, I had support from many peers and enjoyed the sense of community. One peer, in particular, created a video which gave a breakdown of the IFTTT set up. As a visual learner, the use of digital teaching not only enhanced my understanding of the software but helped simplify what seemed to be a daunting task. If I internalise my struggles with the material, I remain in the same place. However, if I reach out for help, the support from my peers reminds me that learning is also a social thing. This evening I got to connect with my peer, and through the use of Skype I got to hang out and put ideas into motion….even if this screen shot image did take four attempts!!

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  1. I agree Linzi, I also found the lack of discussion and connection over the first block to be very difficult and made it much harder for me to take in the themes and readings.

    For my personal preferences of learning, social is very important and I will reach out to my peers as a matter of course.

    Really enjoyed our skype chat and glad I could be helpful in bringing you into the digital education fold 🙂

    Alfred – butler extrodonaire.

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