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Day: February 24, 2017

Are MOOCs a marketing strategy?

Are MOOCs a marketing strategy?

Meet the Guy Trying to Break the Internet — With Ballet

Posted by OZY on Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Meet the Guy Trying to Break the Internet.  You can’t beat a live performance but the power of the internet can globalise dance through social media. The footage makes me reflect on the value of  marketing and reaching or building communities. Taking this perspective whilst evaluating the MOOCs, it is apparent that they are a marketing strategy. MOOCs that are created help promote the institution, participants may then be encouraged to enrol on one of the institutions academic programmes or even purchase books attached to the lecturer that created the MOOC. This leads me to the question of who technically owns the MOOC? The institution to which the MOOC is attached or the lecturer that created the content and wrote the research papers or book(s) connected to the MOOC? Are institutions creating and funding MOOCs for qualitative purpose or is it just a marketing tool?


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