The premiere of “The Perfect Place’ is exciting in that I can enjoy the duet from the comfort of my own home. I have been a frequent member of the audience since I was a teenager. I always appreciate the value of  ‘live’ performance as it can be inspiring for young dancers whilst entertaining and exhilirating  for the novice or amateur dancer. Every year I take my pupils to experience live dance, as it allows them to appreciate the technique and qualities of the performer and the complex analysis of the choreography. While in the audience your body responds to the music and movement of the dancers. Your muscles twitch as muscle memory or inner creativity wants to take over but you are restrained by the chairs and the environment of the theatre. However, in the comfort of your own home you can perform alongside the dancers or indulge in the movement as you enjoy in privacy. The dissemination of the repertoire reaches a larger widespread audience as restriction of time, location and personal boundaries are removed.

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