A Dance With Algorithms

A Dance With Algorithms

“Philippe Pasquier, a professor in artificial intelligence and a researcher at Simon Fraser University, is merging art and science to create systems that can understand and produce human-quality movement.”

Here Pasquier is using a resource called  XSEDE, which can train some of most complex movements within 24 hours.

Creative tasks, particularly movement, is complex and information and code can be hard to produce manually as well as difficult to interpret. Human expression needs to look authentic for the machine to replicate a human like product. The body and mind move simultaneously resulting in an overwhelming amount of muscles, bones, tissue, hair and fibres moving at the same time.

As the article highlights, dancers have an individualised style of movement. The platform iDanceForm provides software that can help many choreographers create and explore movement when there are facing space and financial limitations and have a lack of dancers. If we were to create teaching resources could we use algorithms to produce sequences online for our online students to replicate or would we need the high tech systems like this article. The thought of a computer turning movement into data seems possible but can we create data and algorithms that will transpire into online movement for learners to decode and interpret?





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