Using algorithms to create a unique dance

Using algorithms to create a unique dance

“We came into our algorithm planning meeting not really having any ideas and unsure of where to start. For about a half hour, we bounced ideas around but couldn’t decide how to execute anything. Then, one of our group members mentioned the idea of doing a dance.”


I LOVE this idea and it particularly resonates with Kozinets (2010) description of the interaction between technology and culture as a complex dance alongside Williamsons (2014) description that software is code and that it is fundamentally performative. Could dance algorithms create new ways to teach online?


Kozinets, R. V. (2010) Chapter 2 ‘Understanding Culture Online’, Netnography: doing ethnographic research online. London: Sage. pp. 21-40.from Pocket

Williamson, B. (2014). Governing software: Networks, databases an algorithmic power in the digital governance of public education. Learning, Media an dTechnology, 40(1), 83-105. DOI: 10.1080/17439884.2014.924527


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