Algorithms can influence unhealthy practice #mscedc

Algorithms can influence unhealthy practice #mscedc

Whilst exploring algorithms I have realised that the number of views can have an impact on the promotion of a video on youtube. Through recommended videos a video that may be homemade can appear higher than a video made for an educational purpose. I typed in ‘How to achieve the splits?’ into the search engine and was horrified to find a variety of homemade videos that demonstrate insane practice. Can anyone pretend to be a dance teacher these days? Should there not be some sort of regulated health and safety protocol? It really is scary to find out how easy it is to publish something on the internet!


Knox, J., 2014. Active Algorithms: Sociomaterial Spaces in the E-learning and Digital Cultures MOOC. Campus Virtuales, 3(1), pp.42–55.

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