Time Magazine cover, 21 March 2011

I was looking for an image for data selling, and came upon this cover from TIme magazine. It appealed to me for three reasons.

First, it’s relatively old – 2011. A reminder that media-fueled shouting about the risks and dangers of digital cultures aren’t always new (thinking about the Guardian article I read earlier today). As said previously, history matters. But it isn’t always apparent. This image gives that article a bit of history.

Second, ‘get over it’, says the cover. Hum. Is that good advice. What normalises the digital, culturally-speaking? Indeed, is there a normal – or, more, an ongoing state of flux? And what is good advice, for digital learners, in the face of these kinds of things?

Third, I like the sub-headline (whoops, typed ‘headlie’, first time round) on this cover: ‘The GOP’s misinformation campaign’. 2011. I guess what goes around, comes around: that’s often apparent both in education, and in cultural things digital.

Time Magazine cover, 21 March 2011

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January 21, 2017 at 08:10PM
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