Digital education in Kenya, & local hopes and fears. Striking differences from, but similarities to, the UK. #mscedc

This is one of a trio of articles found in a search to try and bring education into sharper focus in terms of contexts for digital cultures.

I struck by how the Kenyan socio-economic context filters the same kind of debates about the scope of digital resources to inspire and transform learning and education. The large claims and dreams for digital education sound strangely familiar from issues raised within the IDEL course. Digital education as “the ultimate equaliser” (the words of a CEO of a company in the sector) comes up against ‘gaps’ which are digital and much more. The much more also needs addressing, alongside as well as by the digital. A report cited towards the end of this article calls for “structured pedagogic programmes, additional instructional time, remedial education and community engagement” (p.iv), and affirms (p.1) that ” there are no ‘magic bullets’ to ensure high-quality education for all, but there are lessons to be learned for improving future education programmes.” Digital education can be part of that, but is not the totality of it.