@StuiC Not quite: try https://t.co/p1WSQo0fNo to see a future. Ironically, I had to say ‘I am not a robot’ to generate the short url #mscedc

This was my reply to a Tweet responding to my earlier ‘Gumdrop’ Tweet. Here’s the Tweet I’m responding to:

It’s from a friend beyond the course, and good to have a response, however light-hearted, from beyond the world of EDC. I hope he watches the film.

In replying, I went searching for the URL for ‘Gumdrop’, and traced it to this site: https://www.singularityweblog.com/gumdrop-a-robot-story-short-sci-fi-film/ – I’m pleased I did. It looks a fascinating site to explore and follow, especially for the seventeen definitions of ‘singularity’, a term which connects with a lot of the set readings, but which, so far, I’ve not found within it (https://www.singularityweblog.com/17-definitions-of-the-technological-singularity/). I’ll keep looking out for it as I read on.

Also, it was interesting to read a bit more about ‘Gumdrop’ the film, and what its makers were aiming to communicate. Perhaps best of all, there are a stack of interesting-looking readings on lots of course-related topics on the site at https://www.singularityweblog.com/start-here/

Thanks, Stui!


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