A continuing tour of the shadow sides of ‘community cultures’: cybercrime https://t.co/Na9tlkVXxN Alternative underworld community.. #mscedc

I caught sight of this on this morning’s BBC News feed, and it feeds into an emerging theme across several posts here about shadow, or deviant, aspects of ‘community culture’:

It sketches an alternative geography for ‘community cultures’, one of “vibrant market places” where speaking Russian greatly helps. Also, an alternative, and evolving, history of such communities. And, indeed, it calls them “communities”.

All this helps highlight to plurality of digital cultures, and warns against uncritically appropriating ‘community’ for groupings we might like, want and encourage, and demonising others. A full-orbed understanding of digital cultures will also need to include these assemblages now, run, even, “as a service”.


from http://twitter.com/Digeded