@philip_downey Not been to law school, but https://t.co/cRnN0NUi6U suggests law as more pragmatic, more performed – thus ‘teched’ #mscedc

Glad to have had this Twitter exchange, it’s clarified something for me. Here’s the exchange:

What it clarified for me was an extension I was making in this course from some previous reading of this book:

Legal geography is a disciplinary sub-field that has developed since my time within formal academic geography, but I found this book to be really stimulating, and it has informed a chapter I’ve written in this book, forthcoming from Eerdmans, a chapter looking at Acts 21, in the New Testament part of the Bible:

I really like inter-disciplinary work. For me, it’s the essence of geography, and of life. The clarifying moment in this Twitter exchange for me was that I’ve been using Delaney’s work as a lens for looking at digital cultures.

Once I realised it, it was obvious what I was doing. But, as is often the case across disciplines, it takes a while to realise it. Now that I know what I’m doing, hopefully I’ll do it better. Thank you, Philip!



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