The ‘gig economy’ is not inherent to digital business: – or is it? Tangled web(s)… #mscedc

Two pieces in view and in contrast here, both reporting on senior executives from Amazon, Deliveroo and Uber appearing before a Select Committee of MPs within the Westminster Parliament.

The first, from the Guardian:

The second, from BBC News:


Reading these two media reports, this group of MPs, at least for a day, have had their chance to have their say about the ‘gig economy’. Employment rights, rates of pay, and fiscal revenue all came under the Committee’s scrutiny, as the legislature seeks to keep up with nimble and innovative business models.

These pieces read informatively off the back of the Radio 4 ‘Thinking Allowed’ programme earlier in the week, reported in an earlier Lifestream post. Especially with the suggestion made within that programme that the gig economy will not exist, in its present form, in five years’ time. What next, in this shifting assemblage of digital cultures? And, what holds true in these businesses finds many and varied and unpredictable parallel and differing manifestations within educational practices too.

These two reports also work well together, to show the different ‘spins’ which news can receive. Never mind fake news; news itself is complex enough.