Not yet released, but here’s a book I hope will do good: @ahc thank you for writing it. Proverbs 1:7; 24:3-4 #mscedc

I caught sight of this on a Tweet, and I look forward to reading the book in due course:

Getting to the formal end of the ‘Community Cultures’ part of the module, I’m reminded by this book that the family – noting that it comes in all shapes and sizes – is a foundational communal element within our lives. Like all other communities, it’s shaped by digital cultures. And, thinking about education, for many learners family is a key constitutive element within their wider context for learning.

This book is written from a world-affirming but wisdom-inviting Christian perspective, which is close to my heart. It’s hard to assess from the contents page (see below) and other ‘look inside’ glimpses, but it looks promising. It looks like it neither demonises technology nor assumes a fatalistic view of it. I’m hoping for a thoughtful, brave, creative and integrated read, with practical, everyday payoffs and suggestive avenues for life. Andy Crouch, I’m happy to review it, if you want to send me a copy. Paper, please…