Another helpful collection from @StuartElden, here re. time-management. partic’ly for researchers. #mscderm #mscedc

Like a similar Tweet last week, I’m trying to promote stuff that’s helpful to me, thinking that it might be helpful to others in similar circumstances.

Otherwise, the needles stay in the haystack, and it’s hard to thread threads. If I was a blogger myself, this is something I’d want to promote, so I’m trying to use Twitter as a micro-blogging tool.

Also, I’m trying to copy in some originators, both the thank and acknowledge them, and to encourage and build their networks. ‘Community Cultures’ seems best fed, that way.

This Tweet has been ‘liked’ and ‘retweeted’ by Stuart Elden, and is triggering (in my experience what constitutes) lots of ‘likes’ of it. A curious echo-chamber of momentary connection with lots of strangers. Perhaps a performative metaphor in there for some global communal digital cultures.

Another retweeting, and out go the Edinburgh hash-tags with it, too. I wonder, does anyone ever look at them….?