@j_k_knox Edinbugh looks gorgeous. For us in rain / indoors, this on nurturing communal learning spaces: https://t.co/cdZy4Mhuz0 #mscedc

Engaging with Jeremy Knox’s provocatively outdoors-shot opening to this week’s EDC course in this Tweet:

It landed while I was searching online for more about Adam Alter, the author of Irresistable, the book mentioned in a previous post. Specifically, it coincided with looking at Alter’s website, which has a stack of fascinating looking pieces written by him. This one article, from my rainy, wind-swept setting, at least gave me a handle on Jeremy’s setting, without the need for a train ticket.

Without reaching the station marked ‘environmental determinism’, there seems to be a lot of sensible wisdom in this piece. Clearly some settings will be more able to throw money at such things. Somewhere, randomly, I read over the weekend that Google spends $17 per employee on food per day (yep, I know, it sounds like a made-up stat, but it stuck for me). I don’t think my employer quite has that kind of budget, but perhaps we all have to do the best (and be creative) with what we’ve got.

And it’s interesting to consider what that means for digital spaces, too. The previous Post, about Alter’s book Irresistable, suggests design-for-addiction. Where, I wonder, is the sweet spot for effective encounters, relationships and collaboration – between addiction/determination and revulsion/apathy?


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