Note to self: don’t sign out of ‘community cultures’ (quite yet)

Laughing to myself, in a still slightly confused way. I *thought* the ‘Community Cultures’ block finished with week 6. Now, at the start of week 7, I’m noticing it has another week to run!

It makes for an extra week in which I will probably go back on my MOOC. I’d merrily wrapped up on that, at the end of last week, and deposited my mini-ethnography. It might well be useful and interesting to return to it for a different ‘take’, or at least another one.

It makes for an extra week’s pause before ‘Algorithmic Cultures’. I’d been very much shifting in my seat ahead of that move, and it’s curious now to have some time on my hands, and not rush on to it.

Just that sensation in response to the *extra* week is an interesting one. I’ll try and self-consciously see what a week of unexpected space creates.

And, please, please, someone tell me if I’m wrong, and ‘Algorithmic Cultures’ is already merrily under way.