2 thoughts on “EDC Week 7 Summary..”

  1. Thanks for this weekly summary, Myles.

    I’m really glad that you’ve taken up the call to experiment with how you might present the summary. What you’ve done with Prezi works really well as an alternative to the use of hyperlinks: I’m able to read your commentary juxtaposed against the content to which it refers. At the same time, in a week where the sharing of the micro-ethnographies provided such a colour and visually-rich feel to the course it seems apt that your ‘write-up’ should convey the same feeling.

    Out of interest, has the sharing of micro-ethnographies during week 7 had an effect on the overall make-up of your lifestream compared to in preceding weeks? This could be something you return to in future summaries: how, if at all, does the nature of the subject matter or the course design of a particular week impact on the form of digital content populating your lifestream?

    As an aside, when I accessed Prezi to view your summary, Prezi seemed to automatically reproduce a (language-based) transcript underneath the presentation itself. This is something I noticed in Helen W’s visual artefact in the course. On the basis of that prior instance I ignored the transcript this time as I wanted to see the summary as I imagine you had intended. This gives us interesting food-for-thought as we commence our conversations around algorithmic culture, and how the exposition of work can be affected by complex calculations and code that is beyond the view or immediate control of the student author.

  2. I must admit that I was entirely oblivious to the transcript being created below the published Prezi. Now that I see it, it does make me consider how unintentional sharing can sometimes be. Thank you for ignoring it and my ignorance in its making!

    I really do believe that context is everything and particularity in more dimensions that what we usually consider such as timing, emotional state, external influences and pressures to name a few. My, more than usual, lifestream activity last week is not necessarily inclusive of those elements if viewed on the post activity alone so I will have to remind myself of those same aspects when reviewing that part at a later time so as to best explain and possibly expand on it – to recapture the frame of mind so to speak.

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