Welcome to this Lifestream blog, which forms part of an MSc in Digital Education.  The course module I’m taking part in is called Education and Digital Cultures.

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You can find out a little about me by clicking the link in the menu bar above.  To access the rest of the content please click on the images above.

The first image (top left above) links to the ‘lifestream’ itself, which contains all the posts and other connected streams that bring in content.  The other images link to the three blocks that the course is divided into:

  • Cyberculture
  • Community culture
  • Algorithm culture

There’s also a image link to ‘weekly synthesis’, this page brings together the blog posts I add at the end of each week of the course.   They include commentary on my feelings about how the course is progressing,  as well as insights I have gained from the recommended reading list , my fellow student’s lifestreams, links they have shared, and other content I have researched.

The final image link will take you to the visual artefacts I have created to represent each block of the course.

I hope you find the lifestream interesting and maybe even useful, please feel free to add  your comments to any of the posts.

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